Myriam vejus

Myriam Vejus.


Photography entered his life in 1993, at the age of 16, in the first year of Applied Arts in Lyon. It was the story of an encounter, of an awakening, of the discovery of oneself, of others and of the world.


An activity of passion, practiced in parallel with her profession as interior designer, designer-projector, which she practiced from 1999.


All his images are captured during his wanderings, in mainland France and Guadeloupe, always in the heart of a natural environment, with respect for the fauna and flora, then reworked through different photographic and artistic techniques. In figurative and abstract. The discovery of the Caravaggesque school at the age of 16 marked an influence on most of his work.


Plants, animals, sea, the enhancement of each subject by the use of chiaroscuro, the search for the ray of light which will humanize with its brilliance an animal gaze, will awaken the vivacity of the colors of a flower, will create a texture on the crest of a wave or will highlight the mystery of an indomitable and fascinating nature, with a thousand facets. A nature with infinite representations and at the same time unique, and forever authentic.


“Art is an infinite field of exploration…

“Photography entered my life in 1993 in the first year of applied arts in Lyon.

 An activity of passion, practiced in parallel with my profession as an interior designer, which I will exercise from 1999.

  In 2018, The Shift. Installation in Guadeloupe. It’s outside our comfort zone that the magic lies…

Solitude – Isolation – Contemplation – Introspection

3 years of photographic wanderings with light and nature as raw materials.

 My curiosity leads me to explore different photographic and artistic techniques, through different series.

At the end of 2021, return to mainland France with 6 major collections, each composed of 1 or 2 series.

I deepen my knowledge, I get involved and I share my values and my beliefs.

The protection of nature, the animal cause, the unvarnished expression of emotions.

Passion wins, I become professional.

My contemporary series “Abrasion”, Light – Colors – Earth and Sea, mixed media, photography and digital art breaks down the spectrum of white light reflected on the surface of the water in different places and at different times of the year.

The Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, rivers, lakes, ponds.

A colorist’s look, inspired by the Fauvist school in its sensitivity and Newton in its technicality.

This series has a double meaning, the first being to extract the moving and infinite beauty of nature, often invisible to the naked eye.

And the second meaning is found in its name.

The term “abrasion” echoes that of “corrosion”.

This series sounds like gnashing of teeth in the face of the degradation of our nature, even in very remote places, as I was able to observe during my years spent in Guadeloupe.

This series was born there in 2019, on Babin beach in Morne à l’eau, at sunset.

This series is available in four-color printing on transparent plexiglass in window stickers.

his contemporary support which faithfully transcribes the colors and luminosity captured through the lenses of my lens, itself becomes an additional lens adding a slight depth to the image.


A light and its colors, captured through a succession of lenses, of which the diaphragm of the viewer’s eye becomes the ultimate actor.”


Myriam Véjus.